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Geology Challenge

Stop #3: Sugar and Spice and All Things “Gneiss” that’s What Awenda is Made of…

If you look west toward 2nd Beach, a mammoth rock stands out on the shoreline. These large boulders are also known as glacial erratics. Hard to imagine this multi-ton monster was carried kilometers before being deposited here by the melting glacier.

Metamorphic rocks form from pre-existing rocks of all sorts—igneous, sedimentary, and even older metamorphic rocks. High temperatures and immense pressure deep within the Earth cause re-crystallization of minerals and reshaping of rocks to occur. Old rocks morph into new ones!

Challenge: Metamorphic Mania!

The Canadian Shield is composed mainly of metamorphic rocks such as gneiss. It is also the most common rock type that we see on the Awenda shoreline. Look for the obvious banding pattern that will show an alignment of grains. When the rock is wet it illuminates the kaleidoscope of mineral colours.

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Next Up: Head to Stop #4

  • Walk approximately 15 meters west of the Observation Platform.
  • Find the wooden post labelled Stop #4, and click on Next Up: Stop #4 below.