Thank you for taking part in the Geology Challenge. The story of Awenda’s post-glacial geology is truly written in the landscape.

We’re so excited you chose to participate in this groundbreaking program! Remember to check out our other programs too!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us by:

• visiting us at the Administration office

• filling out the comment section on the brochure and dropping it off at the Park Store

• emailing us at

• messaging us through Facebook (Etienne’s Awenda) or Twitter (@FriendsofAwenda)

The money for the development of this project was generously provided by the non-profit chartitable group, The Friends of Awenda Park. To learn more about the Friends and how you can help visit

A complete list of Natural Heritage Education programs will be found at the same website, or scan the QR code on the comments section of your self-guided hike brochure.

Rock on!