We’ve lost a rock! There is a really cool rock on fourth beach called a conglomerate.

Conglomerates are even younger than the last glaciation having formed less than 12,000 years ago. At the bottom of the massive Lake Algonquin, glacial till was subject to extreme pressures causing the leftover mixed fragments of stones, pebbles, sand, and minerals to form rocks.

Awenda's conglomerate rock. Have you seen it around?
Awenda’s conglomerate rock. Have you seen it around?

The pictured conglomerate is approximately 1m in length. It consists of rounded gneiss, and granite as well as fragments of limestone from the bedrock that became exposed after the glacier removed the topsoil.

Challenge: Now try to find it!
Over the winter something happened to the conglomerate! Was it buried by blowing sands? Was it moved by the winter ice? If you find the conglomerate come tell us at the Administration office or tweet us a picture of it @FriendsofAwenda #foundit

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