The Friends of Awenda Park

Geology Challenge

Geology Challenge

Picture a giant bulldozer inching its way southward from the Canadian Shield, carrying with it mountains of loose rock, sand, and cobble locked up in its icy grip.

Every square inch of the park has been influenced by the dynamic interactions of water and this glacial material which has been molded by wave action and shaped by the wind to create the landscape we know as Awenda today. The map provided will direct you to a series of 10 posts along the park’s four beaches, each with a QR Code which tells part of Awenda’s recent geological history. Using your smartphone’s or tablet’s camera, scan the QR codes to access the information and challenge at each stop! The self-guided hike stops can stand alone or be completed together. The total distance is 4 km which will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Let’s Get Started!

  • Drive down to the beach and park in the first available parking lot.
  • Take one of the footpaths down to 1st Beach.
  • When you reach 1st Beach walk to the far eastern end of the shoreline. 
  • Find and scan the QR code for Stop #1.

Bonus: What fun time would be complete without a little music? Can you count how many classic ROCK and ROLL musical acts are referred to throughout the hike? Answers are provided at the end of the challenge.

Need help with directions? Try using our interactive Google map!