Annual Photo Contest

2020 Photo Contest First Place Photo by Andrew Crome

Have you snapped a photo during your time at Awenda? Whether it is a shot of a landscape, an animal, or you and your group enjoying the park, consider submitting the picture to Awenda’s Annual Photo Contest! All submissions can be sent to We would love to see what sights and experiences you are capturing at Awenda!

The 2021 Photo Contest is now officially underway, and the
rules are simple:

  1. Photos must be taken this year at Awenda.
  2. Photo categories are as varied as the park and can include
    scenery, activities, park programs, as well as wildlife and plants.
  3. Awenda reserves the right to use submitted photos for present and future Ontario Parks applications.
  4. A maximum of three digital images per email may be submitted to
  5. Judging will be done by park staff.
  6. Contest is open to everyone except contest judges.
  7. Entries must be received by October 31st, 2021

First place and runners-up prizes will be awarded and announced on the park’s official Awenda Instagram page next summer!

2020 Photo Contest Second Place Photo by Stephanie Vuilleumier
2020 Photo Contest Third Place Photo by Kathy Jimenez