Old Growth

Deciduous Old Growth Forest

Awenda possesses one of the most outstanding deciduous old growth forests in the province. The forest area covers approximately 243 ha in the south-eastern section of the park. The area is classified as a nature reserve zone and is also a provincial Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). A survey conducted in 1998 shows that maples sampled were between 220 and 265 years of age. The Red Oaks within the stand were dated consistently to 110 years of age and likely germinated at the time major lumbering operations were active in the park area circa 1890.

An area of Old Growth Forest in Awenda Provincial Park © Copyright 2011 Awenda Provincial Park, All Rights Reserved

It is believed that the original area of old growth trees was approximately 1000 acres. The area was purchased just prior to the park being established by the J. Hawkins Lumber Co. which commenced operations to cut Maple in 1968. In 2002 and 2003 the area of old growth was flagged to determine its exact boundaries. The forest was mapped using GPS technology to better reflect actual boundaries.

For further information on the natural history of Awenda and it’s Ancient Giants, visit the Wendat Trail that traverses Kettle’s Lake and download the Wendat Trail Guide!