A list of our accomplishments includes:edited

  • Fund entertaining and educational programs (Awenda’s Annual Corn Roast) as well as guest speakers.
  • Sponsor summer job contracts for naturalists/interpreters.
  • Fund research programs such as the Fox Snake Research Program (2001-2002), the Odonata Survey (2008), the ROM sponsored BioBlitz (2016),  NABA Butterfly Count (2013 – 2016), and the Birds Survey (2010).
  • Funding the publication of Awenda wildlife checklists such as the Birds, Fungi, Moths and Mammal checklists at the Park Store
  • Funding the educational/interpretive panels and signs along the Beach Trail and Beaver Pond Trail as well as those at the Wendat Trail and Robitaille Homestead Trail.
  • Funded the publication of the book “Awenda: Voice and Spirit” by Bill Ivy and Tim Tully
  • Funding the publication of a cultural heritage book for Awenda’s 40th Anniversary
  • Sponsored the construction of the universal access viewing platform and picnic area at Kettle’s Lake

    Awenda From Above-11
    Viewing Platform at Kettle’s Lake Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved Awenda Provincial Park
  • Produced and maintain the website
  • Publish the Friends of Awenda newsletter.
  • Published the trail guides for the Wendat Trail.

    The Wendat Trail guides can be found at both the Brabant Point and Kettle’s Landing trail heads Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved Awenda Provincial Park