Special Events 2016

Awenda’s BioBlitz – June 17th to June 19th

Help us take inventory of the park’s wildlife and fill in some of the existing gaps in park records  with this busy BioBlitz weekend! Share your expertise in various fields such as insects, birds, mammals or fungi with us and maybe even discover something new!

“Awenda’s Nightlife” Beach Campfire – July 8th

Do you like campfires? Do you like the beach? Join park naturalists as they enjoy a warm fire and a beautiful sunset on First Beach! Explore the nightlife of Awenda and find the culprit behind some of those strange night sounds!

No dogs are permitted on this program

Healthy Parks, Healthy People – July 15th

Free day-use at all Ontario Parks! Parks everywhere are opening their doors to everyone in Ontario; there will be no charge for day-use visitation during the celebration.

Come out and celebrate HPHP with a record breaking walk around Kettle’s Lake! Join us at Brabant Point parking lot as we attempt to break the record for the most people to walk around the Wendat Trail in a single day. I’M WALKIN’ my way to a healthy day at Awenda!

“Wolf” Beach Campfire – July 15th

AWOOOOOO! In keeping with the spirit of Lafontaine’s Festival du Loup, Awenda is hosting their very own wolf howl and this time it’s on the beach! Join park naturalists on Awenda’s shore as they share some local wolf legends around a crackling campfire. Enjoy a beautiful beach-front sunset while listening to tales of the dreaded Wolf of Lafontaine!

No dogs are permitted on this program


Park naturalist portraying Jean de Brébeuf during Awenda’s Spirit Night  Copright 2016 Awenda Provincial Park

“Spirit Night” Beach Campfire – July 29th

Join park naturalists on this beach campfire program as they are visited by some historical figures from Awenda’s rich past. From the early Europeans like Étienne Brûlé to the logging era to the sinking of the Reliever, this program has got it all! Packed full of interactive opportunities and stories, this is one evening you don’t want to miss out on!

No dogs are permitted on this program


Cabbage White butterfly caught and identified at Awenda’s Annual NABA Butterfly Count Copyright 2016 Awenda Provincial Park

NABA Butterfly Count – July 30th

Help park naturalists as they catch and identify butterflies for the North American Butterfly Association. Rediscover the park with this hands on learning experience! Sign up is required prior to the event.

“Awenda’s Wildlife” Beach Campfire – August 5th

Do you like campfires? Do you like the beach? Come out and enjoy a warm fire and a beautiful sunset on First Beach! Help park naturalists as they explain some of Awenda’s wildlife to Mike so he will stop thinking animals are gross!

No dogs are permitted on this program


Friends of Awenda Wampum Workshop – August 12th

Awenda campers participating in the Friends of Awenda sponsored Wampum Workshop     Copyright 2016 Awenda Provincial Park

This Friends of Awenda sponsored workshop is focused on the historically significant wampum. Listen to the traditional and symbolic uses of the wampum belts by aboriginal people while making your own wampum-style bracelet! This is a fee recovery program and a fee of $5 will be collected from each individual participating in the workshop.



Wolf Howl Evening Program – August 12th

AWOOOOOO! Join park naturalists for a HOWLING good time at this wolf themed evening program! Learn about wolf biology, behaviour and origin at the park’s Amphitheater and then head over to Kettle’s Lake for a wolf howl demonstration. If we are lucky, the wolves might be in the howling mood!

No dogs are permitted on this program

Awenda’s Annual Corn Roast – August 19th

Come and get it! We’ve all been waiting and it’s finally here, sweet Ontario corn is ready and we’re cooking it up and serving it to you. Come on out as we celebrate the Friends of Awenda’s contributions to the park through a Corn Roast. Park Naturalists will be on site with their coolest stuff! Don’t miss it! Feel free to come early and help us shuck!

Awenda Beach Campfire – September 2nd

Do you like campfires? Do you like the beach? Come out and enjoy a warm fire and a beautiful sunset on First Beach! Listen to park naturalists as they try to answer the big question “What makes Awenda so special?”

No dogs are permitted on this program

Awenda Inspired – October 1st


OCAD student capturing a moment on canvas during the park’s 2015 Awenda Inspired Event

Join the Friends of Awenda on Saturday October 1st for the Annual “Awenda Inspired” – a day of creativity inspired by the fall beauty of Awenda Provincial Park! This is an opportunity to meet with local artists as they attempt to capture the spirit of Awenda on canvas and paper in an informal day of artistic exploration.